What are the advantages of behind the wheel training?

Under California Law, all driving students under the age of 18 are required to take six hours of behind-the-wheel driving instruction. There are several advantages to completing this behind the wheel training with a qualified instructor for both teens and adults alike.

At least 77 percent of accidents on the road are the result of the driver making a mistake. Learning proper driving techniques from a qualified instructor reduces the risk of accidents and the chance of getting a ticket. Our local driving school based in Santa Clara is California grown, so you can be sure of receiving accurate information on California traffic rules and regulations.

Choosing an approved and insured instructor for your driver’s education means you are covered if you make a mistake or have an accident while driving, which saves you the cost of paying for the damages.

Across the US, 43 percent of first year drivers are involved in car accidents, which causes inconvenience and costs thousands in repairs and damages. Advanced driver training reduces the rate of accidents to just 4.61 percent.

25 percent of all drivers get traffic tickets each year, which not only cost money and cause inconvenience but can also stay on your driving record. At Stratford Driving School we educate all students on how to understand traffic rules and make good decisions to avoid getting tickets. Driver training has been shown to lower the number of tickets received by 40 percent.

Stratford Driving School aims to be the best driving school in the area. Contact us to discover how we can help you.