1. New California Drivers Law takes in affect as of January 1, 2017 Whether You’re ATeen Adult Or Senior Driver Everyone Needs To Switch Over Driving Habits Or Pay The Ticket

    As of January 1, 2017 the new California Law states that don rivers will need to have their cell phone on a mount on one of two locations the lower left or lower right windshield corner of the windshield. Also California drivers must not hold their cell phone in their hands but are allowed of the use of their fingers while the cell phone is mounted. All cell phone mounts must also not obstructed t…Read More

  2. Stratford Trains Safe Drivers

    Our top priority here at Stratford Driving School is to provide safe and effective driver training because we want all of our students regardless of age to be safe on the road once they leave us. The safety of our students is of the utmost importance. If you decide to participate in behind the wheel training at Stratford, we’ll ensure that you are following all of the checklist items from the St…Read More

  3. The Legality of Driving With Your Pet

    You and your best canine friend are bored at home doing nothing, so you decide to take your pet to the dog park. It’s too far to walk, so you load your full-sized dog into your vehicle to make the drive over there. Where does you dog sit? Is he in a crate, on a leash, or is he free to roam the vehicle? Believe it or not, California laws have a lot to say regarding how you transport your pets whi…Read More

  4. Welcome to Our Driving School’s Blog

    Thank you for visiting our blog! We’re so glad that you found us. Here at Stratford Driving School, we’re committed to providing students of all ages with safe, individualized driver training as they work towards getting or retaining their California driver’s licenses. Keep up with our blog for various driving tips and tricks as well as other facts, trivia, and news events related to driving…Read More