Stratford Driving School is a teen, senior, and adult driving school. We are committed to catering to student drivers with a variety of different needs and backgrounds.

Teen Driving Classes

Safety is the number one priority for teens who are learning to drive, and a foundation of good driving skills will set every teen up for a lifetime of safe driving.

Unfortunately for teens and young adults aged 16-24, motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death at a huge 48.5 percent of deaths. Learning safe driving skills from a qualified instructor will help you build the foundations for practicing safe driving from the start of your driving experience, before bad driving habits even develop.

At Stratford Driving School, our instruction and behind the wheel training develop a strong knowledge of traffic safety and defensive driving in all of our students in order to prevent traffic accidents and ensure safety on the roads.

Adult Driving Classes

Driving offers a level of freedom and independence that is so valuable in today’s society, whether it’s driving to work or school or taking the car to go shopping. Whether you just never learned how to drive or you have a license from overseas where the driving rules are different, participating in driving classes with a qualified driving instructor is very valuable.

43 percent of drivers have an accident in their first years of driving regardless of how old they are. Traffic accidents can not only cause injury or death, but more often the driver responsible is required to pay a lot of money for repairs and damages.

Learning to drive with a qualified instructor at Stratford Driving School saves you money by helping to reduce accidents and tickets and helps you to learn how to drive correctly and safely from the start.

Senior Driving Classes

For many senior citizens, maintaining the ability to drive means maintaining independence and mobility. Stratford Driving School can help you preserve and improve your driving skills as you age as well as prepare you for a supplemental driving test with the DMV if needed.

Our driving instructors are experienced in training senior citizens and helping to retrain drivers who may have lost their skills due to strokes or other conditions.

Practicing your driving skills in a safe environment with a qualified professional is the ideal way to obtain or regain your license as a senior citizen. Save money and time by doing your driver training right the first time.